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Where are the Gremlins (final)?

Where are the Gremlins (final)?

As long as I am drawing random cars to fill this space until the gremlins come back, here is one of my favorite Ferraris:  the Ferrari Daytona Spyder.

I have never seen one of these in real life, not even from a distance.   However, seeing Sonny Crockett zip around in one of these in the old “Miami Vice” series did leave an impression. Yeah, I know, Sonny drove a replica, but it was still traveling in high-style.

The status of the ’55 Thunderbird is very near completion.  All of the dirty, grimy, and greasy work under the car is complete.  The brakes have all new parts and (appear) to work properly (need to do a quick road test before I trust them, again).   The one large remaining task is to attach the front bumper.  I have been putting off bolting the bumper back on as that will remove a good deal of the workspace in my little garage.   There are still lots of little things to do on the car, but it should be road-worthy by Spring (so that my wife can once again enjoy her car)

The gremlins will be back perhaps as early as this Friday.  The schedule may change a bit as I get back into the groove of drawing.  The gremlins will probably start out again with 2 strips per week instead of 3.   I was thinking Monday and Friday.

13 thoughts on “Where are the Gremlins (final)?

  1. I have one of those in my drive way. The one on Imagination street in If-Only Kansas.

    1. I would just like to SEE a real one.

  2. The only Ferrari I’ve ever seen was the Daytona in “Gumball Rally”. Really cool.

    1. Yep, the Ferarri Daytona did “co-star” with the Cobra in Gumball Rally. Another reason to like that movie. 🙂

  3. Glad to hear you’ve made a lot of progress on the T-Bird. You often end up finding out something is a lot more involved than you thought it’d be, or you’re missing a small part or fastener. The work of the Gremlins, undoubtedly.

    Beautiful drawing! The Daytona is one of my favourite cars. I’ve been lucky enough to see a few real Ferrari Daytonas, including a famous race one and this spyder which is just like the one you drew:

    1. The T-bird is just about done! Although, I discovered it needs new tires, but it should be OK for a road test as soon as we get some decent weather around here.

      Thanks for the kind words on the Ferrari. It is also one of my favorite cars. I would truly like to see and hear a real one.

      The picture that you provided could very well be the same one that I drew. Great pictures! Thanks for the link. I’ve been through the whole list several times.

      1. It must be exciting to be able to drive the old T-Bird again. Even though those old cars are relatively simple, it’s still an awfully big project to do a full restoration like you did.

        I’ve never hear a Daytona running, but it certainly was nice to see this one–the first one I ever saw–at a show.

    1. Thanks for the links. I had not seen the NART coupe before. That might make for another good illustration.

      I really like your Muscle Car Jungle website. Did you take all those pictures yourself?

      1. Sorry for all those long links, but I thought you might like to see the cars. Yes, all those pictures I took myself. Many of the shots aren’t great due to the conditions of the shows (lots of people, bad lighting), but some aren’t too bad.

        1. No problem with the links. I appreciate the tie in to the picture. While the lighting might not have been optimal at the car show, those are still some good pictures. Several would be good references if I were to draw another Ferrari Daytona. 🙂

  4. Jack of Gulls Comic

    Don’t park it outside. That’s a prime gull target!

    1. LOL! That would make a good cartoon. Have Marty, Zane, and Max circling the car…

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