Pesky Gremlins Comic 721 – Little Helpers

Little Helpers

Elmo and Sprocket have far more assistance than they need for repairing an old car.  There are exactly 3 little helpers too many.

For the first time in many months, the gremlins are starting a new storyline.  Not to give too much away, but the gremlins, Elmo, and Sprocket will be meeting a most formidable character.  A character that we have all faced but might not realize just exactly who we were dealing with.

The comic strip is still under construction as I put together the new digital scenes and characters.  Therefore, until I get a little farther along, the comic strip will only be appearing on Wednesdays.  Here is a little roadmap of where I am hoping to go with all of this:

Scenes                               Status

Elmo’s Garage                 Mostly done.  There are still a few outstanding items that I would like to add and a few changes to the existing models.  See for yourself.  Here is a copy of one of today’s background images without the characters and before clipping:

Corvette Garage Render

Elmo’s TV & Stereo         Started collecting the free models.  Might have to buy a few models to save some time.   Have had Elmo’s wingback chair for sometime now.

Computer Desk               Got the computer, mouse, display, and keyboard.  Need to find/build the desk and chair.  Unfortunately, I put curtains in this room and I have not figured out how to do cloth, yet.

Kitchen                              Not started, but should be easy.

Elmo’s House-exterior   Not started but should be able to use quite a bit of the material (brick, shingles, fence, etc…) that were used to create the scenes when I just drew them.


Characters                        Status

Lucas                                 I have a working Lucas model that is poseable and has even appeared in a cartoon or two.  However, it is a little hard to work with and is limited in it’s ability to make facial expressions without distorting (wrinkles in really weird places!).  The animation/rigging needs a serious overhaul.

Snafu                                 Snafu is next on the modelling list.  Have just done the 3 view drawing.  Nothing has been entered into the computer

Fubar                                 to follow Snafu

Elmo                                  Kind of intimidated to start the Elmo model.  He will be much more complicated with his wild hair AND he actually has clothes!

Sprocket                           Looking forward to doing a four legged creature.

Trouble                             Ditto for the cat.


If the characters listed above go well, I may add Slim, the Glow-in-the-Dark skeleton and Rob, the Computer bug at a later date.

Having all of those scenes and characters should speed things up quite a bit and provide some new options.  However, the strip will still have much of the content drawn the old-fashioned way; in pencil and ink.  There are many one-off scenes and characters that it is just not worth the time it would take to create them digitally.

Check back on Wednesdays to see how the gremlin’s move to the digital world is going!

6 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 721 – Little Helpers

  1. That’s an ambitious digitalization schedule! The garage background you’ve already created looks really good and looks very close to your normal hand-drawn style.

    1. Thanks Peter! There is a lot on the list. Most of the scenes have at least a little work done. The characters are another story.

  2. You are truly a ground breaker. I am enjoying watching your progress. I’m lucky if I can just draw a comic in Illustrator. 🙂

    1. I don’t think it ground breaking. Peter has been doing something like this for many years. I am glad to hear that you are enjoying the progress posts.

      Speaking of drawing comics, when might we be seeing a new one of yours?

  3. Things are going to move along quite quickly now!

    1. It’s an easy task. What could go wrong?

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