Pesky Gremlins Comic 717 – Bug Out

Bug Out

For those who do not recall last week’s post, we here at Pesky Gremlin’s were stymied by this guy:

Rob the Computer Bug portrait

A computer bug had found it’s way into my computer that resulted in the rendering software package, Blender, crashing whenever I tried to do anything to the garage scene. The Computer Bug’s behavior had been tracked to a lack of memory (the computer’s memory, note mine) and the obvious solution was to purchase some more memory. Since drawing or generating cartoons isn’t a cash cow, I was a little reluctant to part with the money, but justified it on the basis that I can use the computer for other things. An order was promptly placed and a few days later the memory arrived in the mail (yes, the mail, it actually arrived in an envelope). I picked a time when both the gremlins and Rob, the Computer Bug were otherwise occupied to install the memory and it went in without incident.

I then started Blender and loaded up the latest version of the garage scene and the software didn’t crash. I than began adding the remaining items to complete the gremlin’s garage scene. The first item (the one that had originally caused the system to crash) was a shelf loaded with lots of complicated garage clutter. With the new memory, it loaded without any problems but I noticed that well over half of the new memory was occupied. Here is a look at the scene: garage render There were a few more odds and ends to add to that wall. A ladder was added in the corner and a few more signs were hung on the wall. garage render Finally, it was time to start loading the cars into the scene. I was hopeful that the additional computer memory would be enough to load the cars, but I had not looked to see how big the car models actually were. Only one way to find out. …and here is what the scene looked like after loading in the first car: garage corvette render So far, so good. Now I just needed to load the last car and the garage scene would (finally!) be complete. The second car again loaded without any problems and here is what the scene now looks like. garage corvette jaguar render …just need to add gremlins (and, of course, adjust the scene to look cartoon like). The Computer Bug has been banished! Bug Out

10 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 717 – Bug Out

  1. The garage looks great! But no wonder your computer crashed with all those items to render. The whole setup looks really good, and very realistic with the cars added. And the cartoon-rendered version looks close to your old style.

    1. Thanks Peter! The additional memory seems to have gotten rid of the Computer Bug. The models and line work look pretty good, but still need a little more work. Now that I can render the whole scene, I have some ideas on how to get things a little closer to my previous style. Stay tuned.

  2. Yeah you don’t want to keep him around!

    1. We may have gotten rid of him for the moment, but I doubt that this is last time we will see him.

  3. Glad you got him to “bug off”!

    1. Oh, he’ll be back. Computer bugs always come back.

  4. Aw, I feel the computer bug would make a worthy regular side kick of the gremlins! But I guess even gremlins have their limits! 🙂

    1. The computer bug is actually older than the gremlins. He was my first attempt at creating a cartoon character. Once I get back to a regular schedule, we may see more of Rob, the Computer Bug.

  5. Hope they are using biologically natural chemicals to rid themselves of that bug because we wouldn’t want them to get crosswise with the EPA.

    1. No chemicals or biological agents were used to dispose of this bug, just plain old brute force. …and in my case, cash.

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