Pesky Gremlins Comic 678 – Hospital Food

Hospital Food

The Blob belatedly comes to the conclusion that most of already know: Hospitals are not known for their food.

Another Jonny Quest Inktober drawing for today’s web page bonus image.  While not technically a monster, the Voodoo doll is still creepy.

Jonny Quest Dreadful Doll voodoo

This one was done with pen and ink. It was done in two parts: the doll and the background. After it was scanned an combined, I intended to do an in wash to finish it up but was way behind schedule, so I just added the shading with the computer.

8 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 678 – Hospital Food

  1. Hospital food will never do!

    1. Hospital food is the worst.

  2. Hospital food that has probably been over-sanitized!

    I don’t remember the Voodoo doll drawing. He reminds me of a character, but I don’t know who, Zorro?

    1. All of that astringent and anti-bacterial stuff must taste terrible.

      The Voodoo doll does look kind of like Zorro with that hat and the shadowed eyes!

  3. I love that your version of the Blob has such refined tastes, lol! Even the monsters are getting more picky with what they put into their bodies! 😀

    1. Yes, this Blob is a bit of a snob and not particularly scary.

  4. The blob will starve to death soon

    1. Don’t worry, the Blob will soon find something to eat.

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