Unconventional Construction

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 662 – Unconventional Construction

Unconventional Construction

As any gremlin knows, a project is not complete until the duct tape is applied.

Since there recently was a Lamborghini in the strip, I dug up an old one for today’s bonus web page image (inspired by CH’s Twitter posting, by the way).   Everybody knows that this is the Lamborghini Countach.  This one was done in plain old pen and ink.  All of the black area made it quick and easy to do.

Lamborghini Countach ink

As a side note, he Countach never actually showed up in the strip, it served as a background image in another cartoon.

10 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 662 – Unconventional Construction

  1. Duct tape and hot-melt glue are essential for most projects.

    I think that Countach needs to be worked into a strip. I’m sure the Gremlins could find lots of things in it to keep them busy.

    1. I have been remiss. The gremlins have yet to use a hot glue gun in the strip. I am going to have to “fix” that.

      Hmmm, Working a Lamborghini Countach into the strip would be kind of fun but Elmo’s garage is full.

  2. Duct tape is always helpful!

    1. We use a lot of duct tape here at Pesky Gremlins. We will probably use a whole roll of if for this story line alone.

  3. Funny how Snafu was unimpressed until the mention of duct tape…

    Older model everything seems simpler to me.

    1. Both Snafu and I were surprised when Lucas told us what his secret ingredient was.

      The older Lamborghini was a lot simpler to draw. Inking the whole thing black also hid any details that I might have missed.

  4. Ah, duct tape! Is there nothing you can’t fix? XD

    1. It might not be pretty, but duct tape can fix about anything. In a pinch, I have even used it as a band aid.

  5. Jack of Gulls Comic

    That’s where all the duct tape went.

    1. Yes, we use miles of that stuff around here.

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