The Reason Why

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 648 – The Reason Why

The Reason Why

Lucas is clearly concerned with Elmo’s work-life balance.  Elmo’s demanding job is overshadowing the gremlin’s work leaving Lucas feeling a little unappreciated.

Today’s web page bonus is something a little different.  Today’s image is a most unusual piece of fan art.  This piece of fan art is from Kathy Gibson.  Here it is on the drawing board.  Can you guess how she did it?

Pesky Gremlins cookie

Did you figure out how Kathy created this amazing piece of fan art?  Would you be surprised to learn that she baked it?  Yep, that is a Pesky Gremlins cookie.  Here is a closer look:

Pesky Gremlins cookie

Kudos to Kathy! A wonderful and delicious piece of fan art. mmmmm

6 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 648 – The Reason Why

  1. It must be pretty bad when all the Gremlins’ work doesn’t even get noticed! Maybe they’ll have to do something bigger that Elmo can’t ignore.

    That’s a pretty incredible cookie! But one I could never eat.

    1. You are definitely on to something there. That’s thinking like a gremlin.

      That was the most amazing cookie ever. However, after taking lots of pictures of it, I did eat it. It was delicious and now that it is gone, perhaps Kathy will be motivated to make more!

  2. I really enjoy Fubar’s puzzled looks!

    I had no idea that was a cookie! Great job, Kathy!

    1. Fubar has difficulty keeping up with the other two gremlins and drawing his facial expressions is one of the highlights of doing this. Thanks RG!

      Well, showing it on the drawing board was a little bit of misdirection, but that is where I have the best light. I will pass your kudos on to Kathy!

  3. Haha, Definitely!

    1. Snafu has a point, If it ain’t bloke, don’t fix it.

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