Book Deal

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 638 – Book Deal

Book Deal

Snafu has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this package and a big surprise is in store for Lucas when he discovers what is in that package.

Today’s web page bonus image is another airplane.  This one is sort of significant to me in that it is the first time that I purposely broke my two hour rule (I typically only allow myself 2 hours to complete one of those background illustrations, otherwise I run out of time and risk missing posting deadlines or staying up all night attempting to catch up!)  This is the famous X-15 research aircraft and if I recall I spent about 10 hours on it and the mothership (NB-52 in the corner)  which got shrank dramatically in the final version.

X-15 X15 illustration

6 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 638 – Book Deal

  1. I think Winky will be be pretty envious of Snafu when he sees his new book.

    That’s a great picture of the X-15! Very dramatic!

    1. Snafu can send Winky a signed copy of his new book. But DO NOT follow any of the directions!!

      Thanks! The X-15 is a dramatic subject.

  2. Yep! The book written by a gremlin.

    Loving the energy in the bonus picture!

    1. I suspect that there might be other Dummies books written by gremlins, too.

      Lots of energy in the X-15, its rocket powered!

  3. Let the reading commence!

    1. I am certain that Snufu’s book would be a real page turner!

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