Just Doom

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 636 – Just Doom

Just Doom

Elmo has almost made it through viewing the entire evening news when a cheerful image appears to conclude the broadcast…

Today’s web page bonus image is of those seemingly happy bunnies that appeared during Elmo’s viewing of the evening news.  Here they are as I originally drew them and before their ears were chopped off (for viewing purposed, mind you)

doom bunnies character sheet

4 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 636 – Just Doom

  1. The Bunnies of Doom could be a heavy metal band.

    1. Ha! The Bunnies of Doom does sound like a heavy metal band. I suppose that I could draw them all decked out in black leather.

  2. Poor Elmo. They give him a few seconds of peace and harmony, only to snatch it away…

    Still, bunnies are cute even when they’re scared.

    1. There is a reason that it’s called “blissful ignorance” and you are right, bunnies are always cute.

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