Contract Werewolf

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 633 – Contract Werewolf

Contract Werewolf

When Lucas becomes too full of himself, which happens a lot, Snafu hires a werewolf to scare the beejeebers out him and restore a little humility.   You may recall this particular werewolf from our Halloween story several years back.  He was the one that was literally thrown under the bus (multiple times!).  He has since made a full recovery and is pursuing a non-traditional werewolf career as a werewolf-for-hire.

NOTICE: just an FYI that I will be on vacation for the next two weeks.  The gremlins should be back by July 13 with a new story.

Since our old friend, the werewolf, made and appearance, today’s web page bonus image is an intermediate ink image from the old werewolf Halloween story.

werewolf ink

This may look a little odd for an ink in that the frames, words, and backgrounds are not there.  That is because I do this all wrong.  I still draw the characters the old fashioned way, with pen and ink.  While I draw everything else digitally.  Yeah, I know that’s weird.

Oh, and if you want to see the finished Halloween cartoon, here is the link:

Pesky Gremlins Comic 425 – Strict Diet

12 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 633 – Contract Werewolf

  1. I think that werewolf could make a lot of money hiring himself out.

    Have a good vacation!

    1. That is what he is hoping for. He would really like to get into TV commercial endorsements.

  2. Have a great vacation, man!

    1. It’s been a long time since the werewolf-for-hire has been here. In fact, he was brought back by request from one of our readers.

  3. He’ll be back. . . green!

    1. Yes, the werewolf-for-hire (I gotta think up a better name!) will be back when there’s more green$.

  4. He looks very Dobermann like Howard. Nothing like a good fright to let you know your heart’s still pumping

    1. With the scare and the running away, Lucas’ heart is pumping at the maximum setting.

  5. It can’t be an authentic E-type unless the air scoop is dented, like maybe a parking lot movable curbstone

    1. The front air scoop of Elmo’s Jaguar was dented and dinged up when he got it but he has since fixed it. You will find a picture of him working on that project (at the bottom of the page) here: Fixing it

  6. Jack of Gulls Comic

    I go “pencil” when I see earwigs.

    1. Ha! a pencil might not be the best way to deal with earwigs.

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