One More Thing

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 631 – One More Thing

One More Thing

Fubar proves that he is not really a detail-oriented gremlin once again when he neglects a critical part of the plan to convince Elmo that he is a long time cat owner.

For today’s web page bonus image, I have a page straight from the sketchbook.  The page is totally unedited and complete with smudges and eraser dust.  It’s easy to see why these are called “roughs”.  This one is a little unusual in that all of the sketches made it into the cartoon.  Usually, there are quite a few character sketches that don’t make the cut.

sketch sketchbook

10 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 631 – One More Thing

  1. Uh oh… Hope this doesn’t make trouble for Trouble!

    Diggin’ the pencil sketches, man! The one of Trouble breaks my heart.

    1. Elmo’s discovery just can’t be good for Trouble.

      Trouble does look pitiful. Just for the record, my real cat makes that face everyday for a snack (and it works!)

  2. Uh-Oh… Busted

    1. Gremlin plans usually go this way.

  3. When Elmo goes to sleep, the Gremlins need to get rid of the evidence they didn’t dispose of before so Elmo will not be sure if he really saw it or not.

    It’s always great to see pencil sketches!

    1. Doubling down on the original “gaslight” plan? Than might work.

  4. Trouble needs a hug.

    1. Trouble could use a hug. He is certainly not feeling the love at the moment.

  5. Jack of Gulls Comic

    This cat looks like the one that adopted us growing up. “Spats” showed up at our back door, then finally got to come in through the front door.

    1. “Spats” is a great name for a tuxedo cat. Our real cat, who is regrettably not named “Trouble”, has a similar story on how he came to live with us.

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