Pesky Gremlins Comic 628 – Squeaky


The gremlins continue their efforts to make Elmo believe that he has a cat.  This time, they deviously employ an innocent looking squeaky toy.

Today’s webpage bonus image is an earlier image of the cat now known as “Trouble”.  These are the images of the cat pouncing.  These images were done separately in an effort to make them look more dynamic when merged with the rest of the strip.  So here is the ink version:

Trouble cat ink

and here it is again with some color: Trouble cat character sheet I didn’t do one of these with the full “fur” treatment but I probably should have.

12 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 628 – Squeaky

  1. The human mind is a strange and easily manipulated thing.

    1. The gremlins are counting on that!

  2. And nice cat action drawings!

    1. Thanks! I find cats surprisingly easy to draw.

  3. Think of all the fun!

    1. The gremlins are certainly enjoying this.

  4. The Twilight Zone’s got nothing on Elmo’s house.

    1. Ha! Very well put, RG!

  5. The way it’s going the sly little rotters will drive Elmo to the Looney Bin

    1. The gremlins could send Elmo to the Looney Bin, but even they know that’s going too far. They just want Elmo to take care of their cat for them.

  6. Elmo needs to learn you can be both a dog and cat person

    1. I couldn’t agree more. It might take Elmo a few more episodes to come to that same conclusion. It would have been MUCH simpler to have just found “Trouble” on his porch.

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