Pesky Gremlins Comic 626 – Gaslight


The gremlins and Sprocket use the tried and true method of “gaslighting” in an attempt to convince Elmo that he has a cat.

For today’s web page bonus image, I have an example of what some of the background images might look like if I did not impose my “2 Hour Rule”.  The “2 Hour Rule” is simply that I don’t invest more than 2 hours in a background image.  This rule is primarily so that I don’t miss my self-imposed schedule deadlines but I also do it so that the background images remain cartoony.

Shelby 427 Cobra

This is a Shelby 427 Cobra. It is the ultimate blunt instrument of the automotive world.

8 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 626 – Gaslight

  1. With a little help from my friends . .

    1. A genuine conspiracy!

  2. don’t remember a lot of things, either. Maybe I have some Gremlins, too.

    That’s a super nice Cobra painting! I need to take it for a test drive.

    1. You might have a gremlin or two around. I think that they are much more numerous than people think.

      Thanks for the kind words about the Cobra illustration. Let me know how the test drive goes!

  3. Logic can always be manipulated if one leaves out some of the facts.

    The Shelby! A definite crowd pleaser!

    1. …and Elmo is in store for more of that.

      The Shelby Cobras always draw a big crowd (I am one of them!)

  4. It’s all about mind over matter. If you don’t mind then getting a cat doesn’t matter.

    1. Yep, cats are the most existential of pets.

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