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Pesky Gremlins Comic 621 – Photobomber


Cats are probably the most notorious and accomplished photobombers.  I have a feeling that photobombing might be a thing for our new cat character.

Today’s web page bonus image is the ink of what our photobomber is obscuring.  This is a redo of the gremlins group shot that appears on the right side of the web page banner.  Need to add updating the banner to my “todo” list…

Once again here are the Name the Cat Contest details! WIN: 5000 cents! * A Pesky Gremlins Cartoon of your choosing printed on canvas (the perfect gift for an annoying relative!) *For those bad with decimal points and currency exchange rates, 5000 cents = $50 U.S. Dollars How to enter: It couldn’t be easier! Using your favorite communication method, just send me the suggested cat name. The cat names will be entered on a first come first serve basis. Enter as many names and times as you like. I will post the names that I receive on the website so everyone can see. I should point out that the following communications method will likely be successful: Comment on the Pesky Gremlins Website (just scroll down) Email: hstacymail@gmail.com Send me a comment or personal message on Twitter: @PeskyGremlins Send me a message on Facebook: Elmo Glitch Note that the following communications methods will likely be Unsuccessful: Phone Calls – leave a message Smoke Signals Telegram Telepathy Pony Express Results will be announced on Monday, June 8. …And here are the current Cat Name Entries: Flicker Rocket Turbo Gyro Tango Gizmo Cat Dog Heyyou Corona Trouble Possum Vermin Lucky Jinx Tuxensocks Tux Ziggy Stardust Merlin Deku Felix Fred Gato Ivan Fe-rex Fedora Pest Patches Gears Baron Voodoo Katnip Tuxedo Furball LeCat Bootsy Daedrax the Eater of Souls Emerald Toes McGee Tuna Breath Catacus Rats Catnip Catacus Ratacus Catsup Catapult Catastrophe Hairball Road Pizzia …to be continued Thanks for all of your great cat names and keep them coming!

6 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 621 – Photobomber

  1. I guess the cat is a better photo-bomber than he was a tail-gunner.

    1. Can’t argue with that. Photobombing is his gift.

  2. Hello there Kitty!

    1. The cat would like to know if you have any snacks?

  3. I’ve seen that look on some of the cats I’ve owned.

    1. It’s our real cats favorite expression (when he is awake)

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