Pesky Gremlins Comic 509 – Shortcut 2

Shortcut 2

Took another shortcut and a few more liberties with this cartoon.  The gremlins were are even more unhappy with this one.

6 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 509 – Shortcut 2

  1. He’ll buy more!

    1. Looks like I am on my way to the store to buy some new pencil. Which is something that I needed to do anyway. Those old pencils were getting pretty short and stubby.

  2. Isn’t that cutting off your nose to spite your face?

    1. Gremlins don’t have noses. I assume that they cut their noses off to spite their face long before this.

  3. The sly Lucas, grumpy Snafu, and clueless Fubar are hilarious!

    1. You described the gremlins perfectly!

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