Pesky Gremlins Comic 490 – Small Details

Small Details

For a brief moment, Fubar grasps that there just might be some small details that he has overlooked in his totally free bargain to get his universal remote control.  And then the moment is gone.

12 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 490 – Small Details

  1. Jack of Gulls Comic

    Ever notice how an asterisk starts with “ass” and that it looks like one too? It’s a bung hole! *

  2. No one ever reads the asterisk or footnote clauses.

    1. In this case, the fine print alluded to my the asterisks is nowhere to be found.

      1. So, the fine print is too fine to be printed? 😉

        1. The fine print is so very fine that it is contained in a single pixel in the original drawing BEFORE it was resized down to fit on the internet. So, in short, yes.

  3. The is an asterisk next to the title “lawyer” in Webster’s New World Dictionary. It qualifies the usage of “honest” in the definition of officer of the court and defender of truth. It is often referred to as the “pond scum” distinction asterisk.

    1. Which is often shortened to simply: pond scum*

  4. There are plenty of risks in those asterisks!

    1. Hopefully, Fubar will see this before he gets into trouble. But that probably won’t happen.

  5. Hey! I think Fubar is learning!

    1. I hope that he is learning but even a dimwitted gremlin like Fubar would have a hard time missing all of those asterisks.

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