All the Possibilities

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 475 – All the Possibilities

All the Possibilities

Fubar, believing that he has discovered how to control the universe, considers all the possibilities that are now before him.

12 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 475 – All the Possibilities

  1. t could be a Bob The Builder megathon!

    1. Power over the universe and all he wants to do is watch “Bob the Builder” Fubar just isn’t a “big picture” kind of gremlin.

  2. Hey, now that is exciting!! 😉

    1. Fubar is excited about the prospect of being able to watch his favorite show. Now he just needs to find one of those “Universal” remote controls.

  3. Fubar The Merciless

    1. Fubar has a soft spot in his heart and an even softer spot in his head. With or without a “Universal” remote control, a more fitting title might be “Fubar the Mindless”

  4. Uh oh… Could this be the origin of Fubar the Thanos?

    1. If Fubar were to get his hands on an actual “Universal” remote control, that could be a possibility. But then he would say “It was a accident”

  5. Love those eyesss!

    1. Thanks Mark! Crazy eyes are lots of fun to draw.

  6. Dear, sweet, gentle Fubar! All that power and he would choose to watch “Bob the Builder”. I feel he should be running for public office; I’d vote for him! 🙂

    1. Fubar would rather watch “Bob the Builder” than run for public office. Can you blame him?

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