Pesky Gremlins Comic 472 – It Doesn’t Work That Way

It Doesn’t Work That Way

To Fubar, a rather simple minded gremlin, Lucas’ explanation of how to work the entertainment system’s remote controls is utterly incomprehensible.

8 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 472 – It Doesn’t Work That Way

  1. That’s it, the gremlins will add a Bob the Builder button!

    1. Fubar very much appreciates the suggestion of adding a “Bob the Builder” button to the Pesky Gremlins webpage. It would truly make his life easier. However, due to our strong desire to avoid “Carl the Copyright Infringement Lawyer”, we will have to pass.

  2. The total combination of all the remotes’ buttons pushed in various sequences in order to achieve the desired output is almost endless!

    1. Fubar finds all those buttons most befuddling!

  3. Good old ‘passive aggressive’ Lucas. He ‘helps’ by giving his audience an answer that is too complex for them to understand; thereby establishing again and again his own perceived superiority. I wonder what happened to produce this need in him to manipulate others to provide evidence building up his self worth…

    OH NO! I think he’s gotten into my head! ?

    1. Even when Lucas tries to be helpful, it comes out confusing. But, after all, he is a gremlin.

      Lucas represents the spirit of doubt that we all have. He doesn’t actually lie, but tends to focus on the negative and enjoys obfuscation. He is clearly the most intelligent gremlin, but also the smallest. Which might make him a little insecure (and afraid of dogs). Hope that helps.

      Also, under no circumstances should Lucas be allowed in your head!!

  4. A strong letter from AARP to follow sighting senior stupidity and abuse.

    1. I think that I am a member of AARP and this cartoon is kind of stupid, so the letter might be redundant.

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