An Anachronism

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 469 – An Anachronism

An Anachronism

Lucas attempts to add new gremliny skills to Snafu and Fubar’s repertoire.  Snafu shows a glimmer of understanding and then buries it under a pile of old technology.

NOTE to the TECHNOLOGICALLY INDIFFERENT:  Vacuum Tubes have not been widely used in home electronics in a VERY long time.

10 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 469 – An Anachronism

  1. I think a vacuum tube is the hose on the side of the vacuum cleaner where you attach the cleaning heads. Where as a dust bag is a thing where you store your dust. 🙂 I understand anachronisms the best because I see one every morning when I look in the mirror.

    1. The hose on the side of a vacuum cleaner would be a vacuum tube!

      I have one of those anachronisms in my mirror, too.

  2. They will be entertained for hours!

    1. That is, IF they can solve the mysteries of the remote controls.

  3. Take it a step at a time… vacuum tubes, diodes, transistors, and finally integrated circuits. A hammer will break them all (but is very hard to hide the evidence of sabotage).

    1. That seems to be the crux of Snafu and Lucas’ disagreement. Snafu prefers the direct approach and likes to simply break things. Where as Lucas likes to take advantage of the many subtle ways electricity, electronics, and computers can be made to fail and frustrate.

  4. I wonder what a vaccum tube iPhone would be like?

    1. If iPhones used vacuum tubes, they probably wouldn’t fit in your pocket anymore!

  5. I think Lucas would get just as frustrated trying to explain electronics to me, lol. And Fubar there needs a Snickers, he’s eating a remote! XD

    1. You probably don’t want a gremlin explaining how things work. They just shouldn’t be trusted.

      You’re right! A Snickers beats a remote controller as a snack every time.

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