Gust of Wind

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 458 – Gust of Wind

Gust of Wind

The gremlins intended on the sheer size of their Christmas Godzilla to intimidate the neighbors.  However, the gremlins did not consider what a strong gust of wind might do to their monster decoration.

…and yes, Snafu and Fubar are reading Dana Atnip’s Galactic Dragon comic.  A mini Galactic Dragons Collection  Volume 2 to be precise.  Dana sent me a copy earlier this year.  Best thing I got in the mail in a long time!  Here is the cover without the sizing and transformations:

Dana Atnip Galactic Dragons Volume 2

10 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 458 – Gust of Wind

  1. Time for a soldier snack.

    1. He could really eat into the inflatable toy soldiers numbers.

  2. Que the radio and start playing “Wipeout !!” by the Surfaris.

    1. An excellent musical selection. If only I new how to add sound to these cartoons.

  3. Suddenly the scene has nothing to do with peace on earth… O_o

    1. Things are getting a little out of control.

  4. He looks so happy!

    1. He does have a menacingly happy look. Which is unusual for a large inflatable decoration.

  5. Ha! Winning!

    1. …Eating into the toy soldier’s numbers!

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