Self Aware?

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 445 – Self Aware?

Self Aware?

Lucas proves to be the gremlin that has the best insight into what kind of character that Elmo’s neighbors, the Snooties, possess.

8 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 445 – Self Aware?

  1. It’s just a parade.

    1. I had not thought of that, but you are right. Those inflatable soldiers DO look like a parade.


    1. The gremlins are sort of predictable that way. 🙂

  3. I think someone will soon be taking the wind out of their sails.

    1. Have you been peeking at the script, again?

  4. Counter with some inflatable punching clowns! It’ll be the funniest war in history! Mwaaaaaaahahahahahaha!

    1. Since they saw “It” the gremlins are kind of scared of clowns.

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