Pesky Gremlins Comic 393 – Catching Up 7

Catching Up 7

While Buster is catching Lucas up on what has happened to him since they parted, Buster encounters a computer bug.

11 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 393 – Catching Up 7

  1. It’s hard for a gremlin to keep up! 😉

    1. So many PC’s and so little time. There must be a better way!

  2. So the poor Gremlins lost out to the ubiquitous computer bugs?

    1. Oh heavens, No! The gremlins and computer bugs work together to make YOU, the user, miserable!

  3. Thanks for the “product” placement shout out 🙂 Those coffee cups with Agile Bug’s face on them are extremely rare.
    On a historical note, the PC Jr. was a second or third wave introduction. There were IBM PCs and Compaqs and numerous PC clones like the TRS 80 that preceded it. One of my favorite boat anchor PCs was the Osborne luggable. The best thing about the PC Jr. was that they packed the keyboard inside the same package as the computer unit. Prior to that the IBM PCs came with their keyboards in a separate box which invariably got lost in transit.

    1. The computer bug just had to have a famous bug on his coffee cup and Agile was the obvious choice! If there is a real Agile coffee cup, tell us how to get one.
      In the above cartoon, Buster is supposed to be “working on” an original IBM PC but I drew the back of the PC so how would anyone know that?

      Did you actually lug an old Osborne portable PC around? Didn’t they weigh in at about 30 lbs??

  4. “Zed. we got a bug”…

    1. The bug does kind of look like the one in “Men in Black”. Actually, this bug has been trying to make it into a comic strip for a long time. He has been drawn lots of times, but this is probably the first time anyone else has seen him. 🙂

  5. I love that an actual computer bug showed up in your comic! I was planning on introducing one down the road as well.

    1. Thanks Bret! This computer bug has been bouncing around for a very long time. I used to draw him to “bug” my wife. 🙂 I look forward to seeing your computer bug in Dust Bunny Mafia AND I am glad to see the Dust Bunnies back in action. It’s been too long.

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