Pesky Gremlins Comic 369 – Calling All Birds

Calling All Birds

Having been inadvertently out maneuvered by Elmo, the grackles call for an even larger air strike.

9 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 369 – Calling All Birds

  1. That ranks right up there as “famous last words”. Hitchcock never set up a horror scene better.

    1. “Famous Last Words” would have been a better title for this one. Once again, I wish I would have thought of that :). Also, thank you very much for the Hitchcock comment.

  2. It gets real messy from here!

    1. It could get very messy. Elmo, Sprocket, and the car could be in need of some serious cleaning!

  3. Hey, Elmo! Pesto just called and said he’d take care of yer grackle problem for yus! His goin’ rate is a fiver bag of popcorn (but I think he might do it for fun). I think he can deliver; he is a Good Feather, after all.

    1. Elmo is certainly interested in Pesto’s offer to rid him of grackles. However, the fear of copyright lawyers causes him further contemplation…

  4. Lookout, it’s the birds from The Birds!

    1. The bird from “The Birds” refused to appear in this episode due to it’s extremely low budget and total lack of Hollywood amenities.

  5. Uh. RUN! (or drive fast)

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