Watering Hole

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 354 – Watering Hole

Watering Hole

A dispute over the local watering hole occurs.

Remember that the Name the Little Dog Contest is still in progress.  

You the reader get the opportunity to name the Little Dog! Why should you expend you time with another contest, because there is a prize(s).  Multiple prizes in fact!


5000 cents! *

A Commissioned Cartoon that could even appear in Pesky Gremlins! **

A crummy Pesky Gremlins T-shirt (suitable for dusting furniture or wiping up a messy spill)

*For those bad with decimal points and currency exchange rates, 5000 cents = $50 U.S. Dollars
** Subject to be selected by winner but maintain a PG rating


How to enter:

It couldn’t be easier!  Using your favorite communication method, just send me the suggested dog name.  However, I should point out that the following communications method will likely be successful:

Comment on the Pesky Gremlins Website (just scroll down)

Email: hstacymail@gmail.com

Send me a comment or personal message on Twitter: @PeskyGremlins

Send me a message on Facebook: Elmo Glitch

Note that the following communications methods will likely be Unsuccessful:

Smoke Signals



Results will be announced on Wednesday, May 30.

10 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 354 – Watering Hole

  1. You can lead a gremlin to water, but be sure they don’t swallow the floating blue Clorox®️ tablet.

    1. I think that gremlins might eat those Clorox®️ tablet because they act like breath mints.

  2. Maybe they’ll have to install another toilet.

    1. You know, they do make those doggie water fountains that look like little toilets.

  3. I don’t know whether to say ick or ewww. ?

    1. Both. Ewww for the little dog drinking out of the toilet and ick for drinking after the dog.

  4. Yep, no fun at all!

    1. To borrow from RG2Cents, Ick and Ewww.

  5. Yep, lost it on this one. Much laughter.

    And, I’m at work with my office door wide open.

    1. I really appreciate comments like that, Julian. Although, I hope that you didn’t get in trouble for laughing on the job.

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