Name the Little Dog

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 352 – Name the Little Dog

Name the Little Dog

The Little Dog showed up back in December of 2017 in Pesky Gremlins Comic 286.  At that time, he escaped from his doggie cage while under the tender mercies of Nickle and Dime Airline’s baggage handling system.

He was not supposed to become a character but he kind of kept showing up.  Since the Little Dog was not intended to be a full-fledged character, I didn’t come up with a name for him when he first arrived.  Subsequently, I have not been able to come up with a suitable name.  Oh, I have several names that I could use but none seem to fit a dog that is a Snafu’s friend, Elmo companion, Lucas’ nemesis and Fubar’s intellectual better.

Thus the Name the Little Dog Contest.  You the reader get the opportunity to name the Little Dog! Why should you expend you time with another contest, because there is a prize(s).  Multiple prizes in fact!


5000 cents! *

A Commissioned Cartoon that could even appear in Pesky Gremlins! **

A crummy Pesky Gremlins T-shirt (suitable for dusting furniture or wiping up a messy spill)

*For those bad with decimal points and currency exchange rates, 5000 cents = $50 U.S. Dollars
** Subject to be selected by winner but maintain a PG rating


How to enter:

It couldn’t be easier!  Using your favorite communication method, just send me the suggested dog name.  However, I should point out that the following communications method will likely be successful:

Comment on the Pesky Gremlins Website (just scroll down)


Send me a comment or personal message on Twitter: @PeskyGremlins

Send me a message on Facebook: Elmo Glitch

Note that the following communications methods will likely be Unsuccessful:

Smoke Signals



Results will be announced on Wednesday, May 30.

18 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 352 – Name the Little Dog

  1. I know that it’s pronounced the same way as one of the names mentioned, but I kinda like Phydeaux, myself.

    1. Looks like you are the first entry!

    2. Very clever! I’m fond of alternate spelling of werds.

  2. Yanny or Laural ? As for the dogs name, I submit, you call him Trouble. An appropriate name for a dog that runs with gremlins.

    1. Thanks J.P. That one had never crossed my mind.

    2. Just the name for a gremlins’ doggie!

  3. That’s some prize package! No chocolate, but still!
    Are we allowed only one name/entry?

    I had a name for him before. . . not Scotty. They’re always called Scotty. Shortbread! That’s it.

    1. You can enter as many times as you like!

      Shortbread is now officially entered on your behalf, but feel free to add more names if you have them.

    2. Y’know, Shortbread does have a nice ring to it. I like shortbread cookies.

  4. Yeah, I’ll stay with Artful Dodger, (or just Dodger for short). 😉

    1. Artful Dodger or Dodger has been entered. That kind of goes along with his origin.

  5. I’m afraid my carrier pigeon got lost in a back-alley gambling den and wound up getting arrested in a Fairview police sting. Name was lost in transmission.

    1. While I am big fan of carrier pigeon based communication, you could just jot down your doggie name entry right here… 🙂

  6. That’s a dog with no name.

    1. That has been what is happening. I have just been calling him Doggie. Not much of a name.

    2. Actually, I think David made an entry.

      ? Y’know I been through the desert on a horse with no name, it felt good to be out of the rain… ?

  7. I was holding out for telepathy, but Imma go ahead and leave a comment here too.

    Blork the Wonder Hampster.

    I’d be a great spy name for a dog!

    1. Thanks Julian! Blork the Wonder Hampster has been entered.

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