Pesky Gremlins Comic 350 – Misinterpreted


It is easy to misinterpret a foreign language that one has only recently been introduced.  But Fubar goes well beyond simple misinterpretation.


11 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 350 – Misinterpreted

  1. And two things you don’t need! 😉

    1. At least two things that they don’t need in this strip!

  2. Well I’m sure someone must have a well and a Timmy!

    1. and Fubar is out there searching for them, now.

  3. A classic !!

    1. That line from Lassie truly is a classic.

  4. Stay out of this, Lucas! ? No… wait… ?

    1. From Lucas’ standpoint, he has won the argument.

  5. Lassie couldn’t have said it better! Congrats on 350 strips!

    1. Thanks Mark! 350 and still counting 🙂

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