Easter Basket

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 332 – Easter Basket

Easter Basket

Snafu makes a feeble attempt to steal the Easter Bunny’s bottomless Easter Basket and suffers the consequences.

The Amazoogle story will continue next Wednesday. 

Happy Easter!

10 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 332 – Easter Basket

  1. Well, at least he got an Easter egg for his efforts… 😆

    1. There are easier ways to get an Easter egg!

  2. Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks David! Hope that you had a Happy Easter, too.

  3. Who knew that gremlins were distant cousins of Wyle E Coyote.

    1. Wyle E Coyote, Super Genius, IS one of my all time favorite cartoon characters. Snafu was flattered by the comparison.

  4. The Easter Bunny guards his basket very well.

    1. I would image that there are many attempts every year to steal the Easter Bunny’s basket. He is smarter and tougher than we all think!

  5. Alas, no jellybeans, tho!

    1. No Jellybeans, but he DID get the one big Easter Egg (forcefully delivered)

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