Pesky Gremlins Comic 327 – Alpha Dog

Alpha Dog

Elmo stammers for an answer to a difficult interview question while Snafu learns that his new friend can be quite assertive and persuasive.

From a behind-the-scenes perspective, I did not intend to make this one a black and white cartoon.  However, the computer that has the art related software installed became unusable after one of those Windows Updates and I didn’t think that I could get it fixed/restored in time to get this cartoon finished.  So, I did this one the old fashioned way in order to finish it in time.   I did, eventually, get the computer working again and added the red to Elmo’s shoes but stopped after that.  I kind of like the black and white only cartoon.  I might try another one…

12 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 327 – Alpha Dog

  1. As a pet parent, I can testify that Grrrrrr does not always mean ” I’m planning to bite you”. It is a contextual sort of thing. It could mean ” do something stupid ” or it could mean ” I need to go out to pee” or it could mean “I don’t like cornflakes for breakfast”.

    1. Sorry J.P. Looks like the first time I replied to this, the computer was still not cooperating. Any way, while Snafu seems to speak fluent “Dog” he was not prepared for the growling and is not quite sure what to make of it.

  2. Gremlins are never tasty!

    1. I have no personal knowledge of that, but will take Snafu’s word for it. But it does kind of make you wonder just how Snafu learned about it?

  3. Good Dawg is a good dawg! 😀

    1. In contrast the the gremlins, the little dog does have a strong since of right and wrong.

      I REALLY need to come up with a name for that little dog. Maybe a contest? What do you think?

      1. Sounds great! Wish I could come up with ideas for contests at my site. Then again, there’s so little I can afford, I’m not sure what I could offer as first prize…

        1. Good point. A contest does need a prize. Hmmm…

        2. Jerry Keslensky

          Call him PoopStain. And that can also be the prize 🙂

        3. I don’t have a dog to provide the prize. “)

  4. And I thought you did it in B&W as an artistic statement!

    1. Ha Ha! Nope, it really was a computer glitch. Fortunately, the computer has been restored! However, I will probably do the next one that way just to be consistent.

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