Pesky Gremlins Comic 319 – Process of Elimination

11 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 319 – Process of Elimination

  1. And those who don’t have a smart phone.

    1. …Need not apply. Amazoogle is kind of a tech-NO-snob place.

  2. Oooh, a working interview, so much pressure! You can do it, Elmo!

    1. There is lots of pressure! There are at least 4 other techno-savy cartoon characters applying for this one position.

  3. Blip there they go!

    1. No one ever wants to get “blipped”

  4. Ha! Kenny’s got that “Puuuuh-leeese” look on his face. He could probably hack the app and blip away all the other interviewees. But, in the interest of fair play… wait a minute… I’m talking about a dust bunny here! So, I wonder what his motives are for going along with the game… O_o

    1. what I was going for!

      Keep an eye on Kenny…

    2. Well it is a game…and games are meant to be won…or at least be able to take out the competition on your way down in flames!

  5. Who said great satire is dead? Masterful work Howard 🙂 It’s an App-ssassination !!

    1. “Who said great satire is dead?” is a rhetorical question? right?

      Thanks J.P.! much appreciated. ?

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