Pesky Gremlins Comic 305 – Someone needs a Puppy

Someone needs a Puppy

While conducting the scary looking dog catchers cardio workout, the seed of a scheme where the puppy comes home with Snafu is planted.

8 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 305 – Someone needs a Puppy

  1. A gremlin rescue. Elmo needs a pal and his socks and underwear.

    1. Elmo might get a new pal, but the socks and underwear are long gone.

  2. Yeah, good ole Elmo! The companionship will be good for him! ^_^

    1. Elmo has kind of developed into the solitary type. He could really use some companionship.

  3. They should be able to find a sucker. . . Oh look!

    1. Snafu will not accept just any sucker for his new friend. But Elmo should provide a good fit.

  4. Don’t look down!

    1. Even though Elmo lives with 3 gremlins, who break his stuff, tinker with his cars, and steal his coffee, he never seems to catch them in action.

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