Out of the Blue

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 301 – Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

The puppy fearing that he had been caught by the scary dog catcher finds himself instead in an entirely different and much better situation.

10 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 301 – Out of the Blue

  1. Nice switch with the green glove and the green arm. You redeemed yourself. We’ll call off the ASPCA. 🙂

    1. Didn’t see that one coming? I though that you might have noticed the different shades of green.

  2. I was caught entirely by surprise! 😆

  3. That was a neat switch!

    1. Thanks! I even planned it ahead of time.

  4. Surprise, Surprise!

    1. …and the puppy was rescued by a gremlin!

  5. I guess a gremlin is a dog’s best friend! 🙂

    1. It works both ways. For obvious reason, gremlins don’t make a lot of friends. But, when they do, they tend to be very loyal.

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