Pesky Gremlins Comic 267 – Stick to the Script II

Stick to the Script II

The old gremlin is a little put out that Fubar has inadvertently stolen one of his best scenes.

8 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 267 – Stick to the Script II

  1. Ha, accidents happen! 😉

    1. Fubar always claims that the bad stuff he does is an accident. Some of them have been much worse than this!

  2. Gremlin envy?

    1. That sounds like the perfect term for this situation.

  3. Something is about to hit the fan (blade).

    1. The Connie that these guys are flying on has 4 of those to choose from. It literally can’t miss.

  4. Heheheheheheheheheheheheheh! [A gremlin is sabotaging a gremlin] ‘snicker’ 😆

    1. Kind of a Spy vs. Spy in the Sky!

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