Chopped Nuts

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 250 – Chopped Nuts

Chopped Nuts

There are many varieties of nuts.  Some varieties are much more suitable for chopping than others.

8 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 250 – Chopped Nuts

  1. Those kind are a little hard on your teeth. Not to mention the blender.

    1. That is all true, but they are certainly a good source for iron.

  2. There goes the mixer!

    1. We are always replacing household appliance in this strip. Fortunately, they are easy to draw.

  3. Works better if you put yogurt into the blender first and maybe a banana.

    1. Sounds a lot tastier than what Snafu did. I think it was the “Mixed Nuts” label on that jar in the garage that confused him.

  4. What other gremlins do on purpose, Snafu does by accident…

    Snafu must be ‘the gremlin’s gremlin’! 😆

    1. Snafu certainly appreciates your calling him “the gremlin’s gremlins”!

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