Bowling Ball Washer

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 248 – Bowling Ball Washer

Bowling Ball Washer

It goes without saying that bowling balls and washing machines just don’t go together.

I think the first frame looked much better before I colored it.  So, here is what it looks like without the color:

Snafu ink backlit

7 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 248 – Bowling Ball Washer

  1. That washing machine never knew what hit it…

    I dunno man; it looks good in black and white, but I like it with color as well. The b&w gives a stark contrast and an ominous feel about it, but the color has more depth and threatening overtones. I like ’em both.

    1. The washing machine is a goner even if it doesn’t look it.

      Thanks for the comment on the black & white picture RG! I really appreciate it. I still am favoring the B&W image, but to be fair, it is a much larger image.

  2. It’s a repairman’s nightmare!

    1. That lonely Maytag Repairman commercial has bugged the gremlins for ages.

  3. Well at least he’ll have a clean bowling ball.

    1. That’s true. There are stories on the internet of whole civilizations being wiped out by diseased carrying bowling balls. Don’t even get me started on rented bowling shoes.

  4. Gremlin balls ? This story is headed into censorship territory from the get go.

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