Back from the Office

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Pesky Gremlins Comic 128 – Back from the Office

Back from the Office

The things that make us miserable at work seem to attract gremlins.  I have to admit that I secretly find the gremlins efforts at the office place entertaining.  

This is the comic that SHOULD have appeared on Wednesday December 7, 2016.   We here at Pesky Gremlins have been experiencing technical problems with our hosting service provider.  I will spare you the technical details, but we have been essentially locked out of our server for the last week or so.  Thus no cartoon updates and no way to inform our readers of our dilemma.  We think that the situation has been resolved now

I will also post the cartoon that was supposed to be published on Friday December 9 as soon as I get this post finished.

I wish that I could blame the gremlins for this, but I think that this one is on us humans.

Oh, and here is the cover of the book that Snafu is reading:

dangerous power tools dummies book


2 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlins Comic 128 – Back from the Office

  1. These guys are only happy when the world is in chaos and is miserable. Which come to think of it is everywhere every day.

    1. That is true. The gremlins do like chaos and the thwarting of seemingly well made plans.

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