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Pesky Gremlin Comic 338 – Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Snafu returns home to his cluttered garage and friends and is welcomed with a heaping helping of indifference.

Background Info:

Most of the time I don’t have a lot to say about creating Pesky Gremlins.  But this marks, by my count, the 30th time that I have drawn this black Corvette as a background.  For those who are not familiar with the gremlins homebase, they live in Elmo’s garage with his vintage Corvette and classic Jaguar.  The gremlins basically use these cars as furniture.    I always draw the whole car with the hope that I will be able to reuse it in another cartoon.  To date, I have NEVER done that. Hence the 29 previous versions of that same black Corvette.  For some reason, I always pose the gremlins in a way that just won’t let me reuse any or the previously created Corvette versions.  Its a good thing that I just happen to like drawing old Corvettes.

Here is the uncropped Corvette:


Corvette illustration

9 thoughts on “Pesky Gremlin Comic 338 – Welcome Home

  1. If I could render such great cars and airplanes as you do, I’d draw them a lot too. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the kind words, JP!

  2. It’s a shame that you don’t include the full version of the cars you draw. Maybe you need to do a My Mother the Talking Car strip or something.

    1. I did consider doing a talking car strip before starting Pesky Gremlins. I didn’t get very far with the idea because it kept coming off as a badly done version of Pixar’s Cars movies. 🙂

      Maybe, I should just start a separate page that features the cars and planes?

      1. That would probably be a better idea!

  3. Parcheesi has kept them busy!

    1. That must be one epic game of Parcheesi!

  4. Snafu’s friends help him keep his self perception grounded! 😉

    1. With an entrance like that, some grounding was needed.

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